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Representation in the courts

Consulting, preparation of procedural documents, representation in the following cases category:

  • Disputes arising within family relationships;
  • Disputes arising within labor relations;
  • Disputes arising within pension legislation;
  • Disputes arising within tax laws;
  • Social disputes;
  • On insurance compensation collection;
  • Disputes arising from housing legislation;
  • Land use disputes;
  • Claims for damages from an accident;
  • On compensation for property damage;
  • About collecting insurance indemnity Compulsory motor third party liability insurance, Comprehensive cover;
  • On the consumer’s rights protection;
  • Disputes related to property inheritance;
  • Claims from contract law;
  • Representation in the Arbitration Courts;
  • Preparation of all procedural documents types within the arbitration;
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Debt collection;
  • Executive proceedings.