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Tax support

Competent company’s tax support allows to reduce the financial burden on the organization. Moreover, optimization is carried out the way to avoid causing unrequired questions from the Federal Tax Service. Maintenance includes the correct and timely reporting, which helps to avoid unscheduled inspections and calmly go through planned ones. LFB CONSULTING is ready to help you to deal with the relevant issues.

Relations with the tax authorities are an important part of any company’s life. Competent optimization makes it possible to pay less to the state treasury and even benefit from it. But this must be done reasonably, without contacting dubious contractors, since the active tax benefits use always attracts the Federal Tax Service’s attention. Therefore, you need to get LFB CONSULTING specialists’ help, able to deal with all emerging issues.

Each company requires competent tax support. It includes the following:

  • company’s tax policy development and tax planning;
  • tax reporting organization and maintenance, as well as its timely submission, if required;
  • competent optimization, able to significantly reduce the financial burden on the company;
  • detailed answers preparation to the tax’s request and, in general, assistance in interacting with the Federal Tax Service;
  • tax reporting restoration;
  • tax advice;
  • preparation for Federal Tax Service audit, as well as the comprehensive support provision within the current event.


Why is it worth delegating?

Proper documents execution for the Federal Tax Service, as well as the correct and timely deduction of taxes and duties in Russia is more difficult than it might seem first. It is required to take into account multiple features, relating to certain goods category, certain industry specifics, etc. Avoid forgetting about different taxation systems, where there is a different approach to paperwork, tax assessment and more.

The tax industry in Russian Federation is one of the most volatile in the world. Legislation is updated annually. New rules and standards are constantly emerging. All this must be taken into account to avoid issues with the Federal Tax Service.

 Appeal to professionals:

  • prevents you from the need to constantly monitor the legislative changes;
  • reduce the risk of incorrect documents preparation;
  • will avoid additional taxes;
  • help to pass through the tax audit without serious financial losses for the company, both cameral and field ones;
  • will optimize the tax burden to avoid Federal Tax Service to answer multiple questions;
  • reduce the unscheduled inspection risk, when the counterparty has got certain issues in the current area;
  • free up time for you to make other decisions.

LFB CONSULTING employs highly-experienced professionals, who are well versed in the tax field. Timely appeal will help you to efficiently organize all in the current area.


What exactly are you paying for?

We prefer building the most transparent relationships with our customers. Therefore, we always demonstrate what exactly you pay for. The service we provide includes the following:

  • competent tax reporting organization and maintenance;
  • timely declaration formation and submission with other documents to the Federal Tax Service;
  • consulting support on all tax-related issues;
  • interaction with the Federal Tax Service on your company’s behalf;
  • legal tax risks-free optimization for your business;
  • assistance in tax audits, regardless of whether it is a desk or on-site;
  • a background solution to any other issues, whether or not otherwise related to the tax.