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Legal support

Highly-qualified legal support is required for the beginning and further successful business, since it is able to significantly reduce risks and eliminate issues in activities. A competent lawyer allows to sign a beneficial for you contract, avoid tax issues and securely protect your investments. Highly-experienced professional is able to find out all the pitfalls, invisible for others. The lawyer realizes what is hidden under the standard wording in contracts, extracts, conclusions and other documents. That’s why company’s legal support is extremely important. LFB CONSULTING will be happy to provide you with the such service.

Company’s activities legal support will definitely relieve its owner and manager from worries about transactions, purchased property verification, building relationships with the counterparty and others. Competent and experienced lawyers, being well versed in multiple business process issues, contribute their customers to confident in their future. This is reliable protection for your business. 
Legal support consists of:

  • contracts development and analysis in order to identify weaknesses, contradictions, inconsistencies with the current legislation;
  • pre-trial negotiations with LFB Consulting business lawyer, filing claims with a debtor counterparty, who fails to fulfill own obligations;
  • protection against your company’s prosecution;
  • your organization representation in both various instances courts and interaction with other state bodies as well;
  • transactions purity collecting evidence in your favor in the event of a conflict;
  • conducting a legal examination of the available documents, if required for various reasons;
  • any investment proposals research for legal risks, as well as the investment transactions
  • participation in negotiations with the active defense of your interests by LFB Consulting business
  • state bodies representatives’ actions challenging, which violated your legitimate
  • operational consultations on any emerging issues, including the prospects assessment for their resolution in the legal
  • other actions, intended to help your company to operate successfully.

Legal support is rather important for business at all stages.  The business structure organization (creation), the founders interaction procedure and competent contracts signing are extremely important at the very beginning. It is quite simple to make serious mistakes at the current stage due to both experience or knowledge lack. Subsequently, new risks emerge when business starts gaining momentum and attracts the competitors’ attention: the deadlines for convening and holding regular general meetings of company’s participants are not respected, labor law violations, contract law violations, compliance issues with advertising legislation, personal data protection, consumer protection and other legal omissions, your competitors may benefit of.

LFB CONSULTING will help you to avoid such issues at any stage. We’ll reliably protect your property interests, and prevent troubles with regulatory authorities, and provide protection against unfair competition.

Why is it worth delegating?

Proceedings with different legal issues can be assigned to full-time specialists. Another option is to do it yourself for the sake of saving, relying on publicly available information. However, both solutions have certain disadvantages:

  1. A fully equipped legal department will cost more than support services.
  2. Staff lawyers usually specialize in one field. As a rule, this is the civil law, including the tax-related issues. However, there may arise various issues, related to the customs clearance of goods, obtaining a certificate, state registration of products, etc. Business is unpredictable, therefore it is better to cooperate with the lawyers team, able to find professionals, specializing in a multiple issues, including from land law to bankruptcy (company liquidation). Such specialists are available in LFB CONSULTING.
  3. Full-time specialists usually have less versatile practice than specialists, working in a consulting company.
  4. Multiple attempts to figure out on your own the contracts execution, transactions structuring, challenging court decisions against your company, uncontrolled bankruptcy may result in to serious consequences, including: time and money loss and business liquidation.

The legal issues, namely complicated legal situations resolution are best entrusted to competent specialists. Delegate today to grow now.

What do you pay for?

The service we provide includes the following:

  • contracts development from scratch and turnkey;
  • careful analysis of previously signed contracts and projects, being proposed to be drawn up;
  • your interests protection in different instances;
  • claim procedure for working with debtors;
  • assistance in the competent financial policy formation;
  • company’s documents development for internal use;
  • intellectual property and other assets protection;
  • any business operations and transactions execution;
  • performing other actions, which may be required within carrying out your activities.