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HR support

Company’s activities staff support allows spending less of its own resources for finding, selecting and applying for valuable employees. Besides all issues resolving is much faster and easier. The issues risk with the labor inspection or with the tax is reduced, if entrusting the paperwork to highly-experienced professionals. LFB CONSULTING will help you.

Staff issues resolving requires a deep understanding of labor law. However, you will need to be aware of the tax, and if it comes to recovering damages and applying sanctions, then the administrative and civil code. Besides it’s very important to be aware of effective office work organization principles. This is required to avoid important documents to be lost. It takes a minimum time to search for them, and all was arranged as efficiently as possible.

 LFB CONSULTING will help you to deal with all mentioned above. We are well aware of staff support, since we have been providing services in the current area for many years. So, we’ll help you with any questions. Staff support implies:

  • timely and competent employee registration, as well as reasonable dismissal;
  • correct payroll within the time, established by the law;
  • database creation and maintenance with personal files and all documentation in general for each employee;
  • the correct transfer, promotion and bonus provision;
  • timely resolution of all issues, including secondment costs, sick leave and vacation payment issuance, as well as compensation, if any;
  • other actions, the employer is required to perform in accordance with applicable law;
  • consulting support on any staff issues;
  • your interests protection, when interacting with regulatory authorities.

Proper staff support means that your staff will have none reason for dissatisfaction. Timely salaries and bonuses accrual, full social package provision and all other guarantees provision within the law allow a person to be fully confident in future.

A reliable team is the entire company’ security basis. The company’s reputation depends and its competitiveness depend on the staff. That’s why the competent staff issues solution importance can’t be ignored.


Why is it better to delegate?

Lots of entrepreneurs, especially beginners, try to cope with all on their own. Some are eager to save money, while others need constant control over all. But if trying to resolve the issues you are not competent at, there is a risk to meet certain problems:

an employee, whose documents were executed incorrectly, is entitled to file a complaint to labor inspectorate, the tax office, the prosecutor's office and the court;

untimely payroll results in a serious trouble, up to the criminal case initiation;

staff issues resolving mistakes greatly undermine the company's reputation;

the wrong approach to the staff’s documents execution reduces its motivation, undermines the trust to you as a leader;

chaos in office work makes business less manageable;

normal staff reporting restoration will subsequently require large time and money expenditures.


What do you pay for?

You must realize the reason you pay money. The service we provide consists of:

  • organization and proper maintenance of the employees base;
  • timely completion of all documents due to the staff issues resolving;
  • your interests representation in cooperation while cooperating with the regulatory authorities;
  • assistance in resolving disputes with employees in the event of a conflict;
  • consultation on any issues, related to the company’s staff policy.

LFB CONSULTING is aware of the way to organize paperwork in the current the way to prevent all the issues.