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Administrative activities support

The company’s administrative and business activities involve certain legal issues resolving, including those related to the transactions signing, their contestation or implementation. Particular attention should be paid to labor issues and tax optimization, since the company functioning effectiveness and stability directly depend on this.

Both the company survival in crisis period and prosperity in prosperous one depend on competent administrative and economic activities organization. Most often, the company’s heads meet with the need to resolve the entire issues blocks in the following areas: 

  • legal (various agreements execution and conclusion, transactions structuring, relations settlement with the counterparty, claims);
  • financial (cost optimization, free funds investing to get additional profit, credit funds raising / making credit deals, the loan portfolio restructuring, bad debts resolving); 
  • labor - search, selection, registration of highly-qualified staff, increasing employee loyalty to the company, maintaining staff records, encouraging high results achievement;
  • tax - safe optimization, building a tax policy, which would guarantee the claims absence from the regulatory authority, assistance in passing through the tax audits;
  • administrative and organizational establishment of competent interaction within the company between different structural units, conducting various activities, required to make key decisions, to reevaluate existing policies and to review previous conclusions.

A competent policy for the company management is built on the effective activities implementation basis. But its implementation requires professionals’ assistance. Remember that the leader does not have to deal with each issue individually. He may appeal for professional specialists’ help, who are well familiar with certain issues and both possess the required competence, as well as give fresh ideas, take a different look at the established affairs state.


Why is it better to delegate?

The companies’ owners do not always want to delegate certain tasks, relating to the administrative and economic plane. It seems to them, it is very important to do all themselves or delegate certain tasks to especially hired people, being subject to their continuous control. However, such delegation is irrational, since it neither free up resources, nor allow switching to another activity. Such approach will result in:

  • the issue resolving, which you are not well up in;
  •  lose the time, required to make decisions on other issues;
  • to slow development, late innovative solutions introduction, which will negatively affect the company’s competitiveness;
  • miss some important details in the current activity;
  • cease to understand the meaning of what is happening, in general, lose control over business.

Success in business largely depends on a sound approach to the burden balancing. Moreover, it is important for the leader to be able to do this in relation to both himself and others as well. Delegation will free up resources, which can be used to get more benefit. It’s better to entrust law, tax issues and staff policy-related tasks to highly-experienced specialists.

LFB CONSULTING is ready to support administrative and business activities of your company right now. We contribute to the risks reduction and effectiveness increase in making specific decisions.


What is included in the service?

We always explain, what exactly the client pays for. The service content largely depends on your company’s activity type. But most often you pay for:

  • Highly-qualified assistance in verious legal issues (transaction support, contract analysis, claims or defense of interests in the courts);
  • specialists participation in the financial issues resolving, the company face with;
  • assistance in tax planning (tax accounting optimization, restoration, if required, preparation for inspections, etc.);
  • effective staff issues resolving, which will prevent the staff issues in future.

LFB CONSULTING will support administrative and business activities of any company, regardless of the legal form and other specifics. We’ll contribute to your company competitiveness and effectiveness increase.