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Accounting support

Proper accounting is the company normal functioning basis. Maintaining such reports is important for both regulatory authorities and for company management. Careful accounting contributes the owner to be able to see exactly what and where the money goes, verify their use effectiveness and optimize costs. Transparent financial statements increase investor and customer confidence in the company. However, to achieve such a result, you need to either find expensive highly-qualified specialists or order support service. Cooperating with LFB CONSULTING provides you with a guaranteed individual approach, a team of experts, being always in touch, as well as guaranteed budget savings.

Properly organized accounting support will save you from the need to deal with documentation, being aware of the posting rules, the way salaries should be calculated, the way broken equipment should be written off, the way to generate quarterly reports, etc. You may entrust this to highly-experienced professional in the current field.

Accounting support is a comprehensive service. It includes the certain issues resolving:

  • irectly accounting and tax reporting formation, which is required for the timely documents submission to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation;
  • continuous execution of any business operations, since all of them should be displayed in accounting;
  • payroll, bonuses, vacation pay, sick leave and other;
  • all primary documentation processing;
  • keeping records of sales and purchases;
  • fixing movements on accounts;
  • formation of reports for delivery to different funds;
  • creation by agreement of a separate management accounting, allowing to track certain indicators (the specifics depend on your goals);
  • financial statements restoration.

Please note that the basic standard is described above. The more diverse the individual company’s activities, the more multifaceted accounting will be. And at the same time, his conduct should be subject to certain requirements. To realize all this without special training and relevant knowledge is very difficult. In addition, it is not enough to learn to be an accountant once: you need to constantly monitor the changing requirements, to delve into the legislative innovations. Both experience and practice are important.

LFB CONSULTING employees are able to provide such services. They are ready to be responsible for your business accounting support.