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Corporate events (participants’/shareholders’ general meetings)

JSC and LLC operation implies the periodic shareholders or participants meetings. This follows from the current Russian legislation’s requirements.

LFB CONSULTING is able to prepare and conduct a meeting. All your wishes will be taken into account.

The shareholders’/participants’ general meeting for JSC or LLC is the supreme governing body, within which the key decisions are made:

  • such company reorganization;
  • company liquidation or liquidation process stop;
  • recognition legal entity insolvent;
  • participants list change;
  • profits distribution;
  • company’s activity type change;
  • annual financial statements, which can be approved according to the results, but this does not always happen;
  • additional funds raising;
  • head dismissal;
  • amendments to constituent documents;
  • conclusion of a transaction, which may be fundamentally important to the company.

The more important the upcoming decision, the higher the risks, the more reason to hold a general meeting.

The meeting requires appropriate preparation. You will need to:

  • Establish the participants list. You will need the latest data for this;
  • publish data on the venue time and place or send notifications to all participants / shareholders;
  • provide for the data to look through before the meeting start (this should be done in cases, where an important decision is supposed to be made);
  • prepare all the documents required; 
  • deal with reporting, because it will be required in any case;
  • pick a suitable place;
  • find out whether such a meeting will be held personally or in absentia, which format in will be better.
  • to conduct a corporate event itself within the legal requirements and to properly record all decisions made;
  • draw up a protocol/decision, including the whole corporate event course and results.

Preparing and conducting the meeting directly is a complex process. It is required to learn the documentation, prepare the required reports, take into account what exactly you want to tell the participants, what to show and in what form. Avoid forgetting about organizational issues. For example, most often such meetings are held at the head office. But you temporarily rent a suitable area as well, if it’s not suitable for certain reason (busy, lack of space).


Why is it better to delegate?

Such corporate events should take place according to certain regulations. There may appear various doubts about the decision legitimacy, adopted at the meeting, if ignoring such regulations. Therefore, initiative in this case may result in negative consequences.