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Contracts drawing up and analysis

Entrepreneurial activity is based on the striking bargains, executed in the contracts form. The tax, financial and generally legal consequences for the company depend on their content and form. Moreover, both are equally important. Failure to comply with the form results in the contract invalidation, which often means loss. The content may hide lots of various pitfalls. LFB CONSULTING will be responsible for the contracts.The best defense of your interests is a correctly drawn up contract. You will not have to worry about the risk the contract may be recognized as invalid, if competently approaching the contract elaboration. It’s possible to secure your interests for all occasions. That’s why it’s extremely important to entrust the contracts preparation to experienced professionals, acting according to your interests.

However, cooperation with certain companies is based on the standard contracts, they have previously created. Sometimes this means a convenient, mutually beneficial solution, which saves time. However, its’ recommended to carefully study such a contract in order not to avoid certain pitfalls.

 LFB CONSULTING may both develop and analyze the contracts. When working with contracts, special attention is paid to:

  • The appropriate in a particular situation;
  • compliance of all points with the current legislation - they may offer you to make contact in a standard form with outdated provisions, and this is more common in practice, than you think;
  • rights observance, guaranteed by the law - if the contract infringes you in some way in comparison with the law, it is automatically recognized as null and void, similarly with respect to the other party;
  • all wordings essence- they should not be too declarative, especially with regard to obligations;
  • any tools presence, encouraging the other party to fulfill own obligations in an appropriate manner, in the agreed volume and within the terms, provided in the contract. A fine and waiver of any rights to property may be deemed the tools;
  • signatories’ powers;

What do you pay for?

We never hide the things we take money for. You pay for:

  • thorough and comprehensive contract analysis;
  • contract development from scratch;
  • amending an existing contract;
  • contract signing support at all stages;
  • consultation in the contract development and conclusion;

LFB CONSULTING will guaranteed help you to securely and profitably sign a contract.