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Bargains structuring

The complex transaction signing requires an appropriate approach. It is required to take into account all existing risks (legal, economic, tax), to develop the implementation stages in a complex. Proper structuring may reduce risks and protect your interests as much as possible. Structuring the transaction requires professional knowledge and relevant experience. LFB CONSULTING will complete this task.Do you want to buy a share in the business and for this you need to sign certain contracts? Are you interested in complex assets? Do you buy a troubled asset? Are you working on a complex restructuring of your loan portfolio? The transaction structuring may be required in all of these cases. It includes:

  • Comprehensive risk analysis, recommended to conduct first of all, in order to assess the prospects and whether it makes sense to strike a bargain; 
  • creating a picture of both desired and intended. You must realize what exactly you are striving for and what is your bargain goal. It is also important to understand what is really possible to achieve and what concessions in the negotiations process you are ready to make. The professionals participation will help to realize this;
  • creating the structure and work plan for the bargain. The division can be carried out according to the chronological principle, by activities and sequence to be carried out. A division into contracts blocks is available as well. In this case, there is no clear reference by time, since all may be carried out in parallel. There is a combined approach as well. The choice of a particular option depends on the bargain nature itself; 
  • final definition of all parties and stakeholders. You must realize whom are you going to cooperate with and whose opinion may affect the bargain result;
  • working with documents.  Contracts or the basic contract are the key ones. However, the documentation is rarely limited to them only. Often when conducting complex transactions, it is required to prepare extracts, expert opinions, technical passports, provide copies of various documents, draw up certain corporate approvals, etc.
  • the rights transfer fact registration for certain property. Be sure to note, this may also be about intangible rights. Anyway, the value nature does not matter;
  • direct bargain striking. Most often, we are talking about signing the main contract. It is recommended to provide at least one highly-qualified as your representative, able to defend your rights in the events of some obstacles (sudden departure from preliminary agreements); 
  • bargain implementation. Various surprises are possible even in case of careful preparation. So, it is required to pay attention to the obligations fulfillment and verification. If one of the participants, for example, fails to timely transfer property, it’s required to send him a notification. Timely measures adoption often helps to prevent the agreements breakdown.


Bargain structuring is very important when it comes to something complicated or something, able to determine your business future. The competent risk assessment is extremely important in such a case. It may be complicated to embrace all even for highly-experienced entrepreneurs, including due to lack of experience or knowledge on certain issues.That’s why it’s worth appealing to professionals. LFB CONSULTING has repeatedly structured bargains and is aware of the required measures to take. Therefore, we’ll prevent all the risks.


Why is it worth delegating?

Some companies are striving to deal with the bargains structuring on their own. But in practice it’s quite complicated to deale with all at an equally high level since you may not have enough time or knowledge. The specialists involvement will allow to:

  • free up time;
  • save own resources;
  • get an assessment, provided by the specialists;
  • get rid of the need to delve into the legislative subtleties, which can be difficult for those, who are poorly versed in jurisprudence;
  • approach to the problem resolving from a new perspective due to a fresh look;


What exactly do you pay for?

When contacting LFB CONSULTING, you pay for:

  • comprehensive risk analysis;
  • all contracts preparation, regardless of the agreements specifics;
  • assistance in negotiations;
  • actions execution, required to strike a bargain.


LFB CONSULTING team will simplify and accelerate the whole process as well as reduce lots of risks!