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Creation idea.

The full and high-quality consulting creation idea in the business and its assets management and protection field emerged ten years ago. The legislation has changed for ten years, our company and team has changed as well - we gained experience and mastered new directions and technologies. The whole Russian business has changed. Entrepreneurship has passed through several economic crises, which also taught us the way to work quickly, flexibly adapt to the Client, technology, and filigree to navigate changes in legislation. Foreign economic sanctions have also made changes to Russian business, destroying and creating new ones. In the new realities, entrepreneurs were forced to both revise the clientele, the general concept and more carefully deal with tax planning, management re-qualification, crisis management, resolve lending issues, restructure the loan portfolio, master bankruptcy laws and learn to bear responsibility for unskilled own decisions and the actions of both own heads or unscrupulous counterparties. All these changes allows us to gain certain unique many experience in various areas of law, banking sector, working with government bodies, as well as in managing own business, which allows us to implement technically sophisticated consulting projects to improve business performance, raise financing, restructure debt and protect assets as well.

LFB Consulting.

LFB Consulting team consists of managers, lawyers and financiers. We faced with gaps in legislation, qualifications and lack of experience in various fields every day while resolving various issues. So, based on the partnership, it was decided to create a full «high-quality» consulting range (LEGAL/FINANCE/BOOKKEEPING), responsible for daily support, protecting entrepreneurship in the law, financial/tax planning field, accounting and environmental support, leaving the entrepreneur more and more time for own ideas development and expanding activity areas, thereby significantly increasing work efficiency. Your task is development and growth, while LFB task is protection and maintenance. LFB Consulting implements consulting projects in both Russia and CIS countries.
LFB Team’s priorities:

  • Entrepreneurship social responsibility and preservation - we strive to preserve the companies and normalize their operation in order to preserve jobs within the companies’ financial recovery;
  • Sponsorship and charity;
  • Support for education and talent development - we involve the best students for an internship and are always happy to replenish their team;
  • Environmental conservation - we are actively developing the environmental law direction;

We are firmly convinced, that a highly-qualified consulting support is required to start and continue a successful business. A competent strategy and timely resolution of emerging issues may significantly facilitate the company’s life and reduce risks in its activities. The company’s financial recovery is impossible without building the appropriate management system and attention to details. Our company will provide timely assistance at any development stage of your business, protect the company’s interests and assets and help the management system to achieve its stated goals. Looking forward for cooperation, LFB Team.